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SC Design's Groundwork Training Platform is constructed with sound absorption foam. Our Sound Apsorption Technology (SAT) significantly reduces a barbell's bounce and vibration, saving your equipment from unnnecessary wear and tear.


Instead of plywood, we constructed The Groundwork with aethestically striking Premium 1st Grade Engineered Maple (like a basketball floor) for stabilty and durablity. This high-end material is finished with an Aluminum-Oxide, UV-Cured Finish for maximum surface protection and performance. 

The Groundwork Barbell Platform is a compononet system, easy to install or move, and will not rust, chip or dent. 


This is our base price for a 6' x 8' platform. Other variations are possible and will affect final price. 

The Groundwork Barbell Training Platform

Excluding Sales Tax

    Snatches clang. Cleans bang. Deadlifts clang and bang. Weight rooms are noisy, rackety, unforgiving places. This is why SC Design developed The Groundwork -- a barbell training platform with Sound Absorption Technology (SAT) -- to hush the clanging and banging that a weight room creates.


    We will give a full refund to all your customers if they are dissatisfied with their purchase, or send replacement parts if damaged in shipping within one year of purchase.


    Shipping included for the contiguous 48 States.

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