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About Us

SC Design is a nationwide, full-service, graphics company that will level-up your environment.

SC Design is a full-service design company specializing in synthetic floor graphics and vinyl stencils for your athletic flooring needs. SC Design can design your court, render architectural drawings, recreate logos or design new ones, and much more. 

Need to create a unique, branded, functional floor or wall for you or your facility? SC Design would like to help!

We take your ideas and make them real.

Our design services don't just end with stencil and court design, we can provide creative for a number of different projects.

  • Brochures and Print Collateral

  • Logos and Branding

  • Court Graphics

  • Wall Murals

  • Packaging / Private Labelling

  • Print and Social Media Advertising Graphics

  • Outdoor and Environmental Design Graphics

  • Trade Show and Set Design Graphics

Contact us today to get your custom design started!

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